99 Ballons – Eliot’s Story

Eliot was born with an undeveloped lung, a heart with a hole in it and DNA that placed faulty information into each and every cell of his body. However, that could not stop the living God from proclaiming Himself through this boy who never uttered a word.

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Kara Ferris is the Executive Director and editor of iamviable.org. Wife. Mom of 3. Lover of people. Connoisseur of espresso. Master of Crazy Hair. Heart that beats for Jesus. Passion for those with disabilities, bringing honor, value and raising awareness of God’s intent and purposes for EVERY life. Blessed beyond imagination.


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  1. This story made me cry.

  2. I cried too.
    Praise the Lord.

  3. Nancy Libby says:

    To Eliots parents: How courageous of you to make this beautiful tribute to your son’s life. I too have a son with disabilities and without a doubt his existence has changed me and many he has met beyond the reach of a book or movie. God does give and take away and they are all on loan and entrusted to us. It is a great maturing process to accept the time frame God gives for them to impact as he wishes. We are just the temporary custodians of their God given lives. Many Blessings to you……..have you read A Grace disguised??? Life transforming book.

  4. danielle says:

    wow, this is so touching; im still wiping the tears from my eyes.

  5. michelle says:

    This sorry made me cry in tears.

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