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Kara Ferris is the Executive Director and editor of iamviable.org. Wife. Mom of 3. Lover of people. Connoisseur of espresso. Master of Crazy Hair. Heart that beats for Jesus. Passion for those with disabilities, bringing honor, value and raising awareness of God’s intent and purposes for EVERY life. Blessed beyond imagination.

Peru- Loving Families Touched by Disability


Reflecting on my trip to Peru with Joni and Friends to volunteer for a Family Retreat for families touched by disability, I am once again amazed at the way we saw God move among us, answering prayers, changing hearts, providing all that we could ever ask for and more. This is something that never seems to grow old, never loses the incredible impact that it has on my life each time I am able to participate in a Joni and Friends Family Retreat. Our time began with an Architects Conference at the University in Lima. About 40 students gathered to listen to local speakers as well as those ...[Read more]

iamviable lost it’s memory


iamviable has lost it's memory..... but the good news is: You are the key to us getting it back! I guess I should more accurately say -  iamviable.org has lost it's memory. In January we received notice from the IRS of the IRS's official acceptance of iamviable's 501c3 non-profit status. As part of getting set up for the next stage of iamviable's growth, we expanded our board to five people and decided to change our primary website from iamviable.com to iamviable.org. We are really excited to announce this change today, as the new iamviable.org website brings: A much faster ...[Read more]

ryan haack- how to survive being stared at

Ryan Haa

Sometime ago, I came across a blog by Ryan Haack entitled, “Ryan Does Stuff.”  I love Ryan’s perspective on life and knew that his writing would encourage many others. So, let me introduce to you, Ryan Haack and share his blog that first caught my attention: I’m Ryan. I’m a husband, a father, a pastor, and a writer. One thing you should know is that I was born with one full arm. A couple years ago I “broke the hell out of” the shorter one (doctor’s words), so now I have a long scar that leads to the plate and seven screws that are holding it together. When people ask about the scar I get to ...[Read more]

GuiGui-gifted pianist

GuiGui Sheng playing piano with no fingers on one hand. She had not seen a piano until 3 years before this performance because of living in a small town. Obviously, incredibly gifted with musical ability and a determined heart. ...[Read more]

“More Alike than Different” Down Syndrome Becoming Up Syndrome!

This video speaks for itself... ...[Read more]

She without an arm, He without a leg, Dance- Hand in Hand

I have researched the story as best as I can and this seems to be the most accurate version of this amazing pair of dancers. The below video not only inspires but will send chills down your arms and deeply move your heart. There is a story told within the dance, it is one of loss and wounding but the final outcome is beauty, strength and determination, all found within the strength of having another by one's side. Even without knowing the full details of the story, the dance speaks for itself.  Kara The girl (Ma, Li) was a beautiful promising professional ballerina when she lost her ...[Read more]

Butterfly Circus with Nick Vujicic

This is a wonderful short film featuring Nick Vujicic born in Australia without arms and legs, who plays the main character, Will. Beginning his journey in a sideshow carnival act as the "Limbless Man," Will encounters Mr. Mendez, the famous showman for his renowned, "Butterfly Circus." What others see as a "defect," Mr. Mendez sees as beauty in each one of his performers, causing them each to emerge from their own cocoon. Mr. Mendez encourages Will to discover his own abilities and reach his full potential, "The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph!" Nick's fan page can be ...[Read more]