About Ellen Stumbo

Ellen Stumbo is a freelance writer, wife and mom to 3 girls. The beautiful life of her daughter with Down syndrome led to the adoption of a little girl with Cerebral Palsy. Ellen is just a mom writing about finding beauty in brokenness, and sometimes her love for Nutella. Ellen blogs full-time at ellenstumbo.com and is a guest blogger here at iamviable.org.

A day that changed me


The day my second daughter was born, her diagnosis of Down syndrome threatened to crush my heart. The presence of an extra 21st chromosome seemed too powerful for me to stand up against it. I cried constantly, in fear that our lives would be covered with limitations. As if living in a bad dream, I wanted to wake up and find myself the mother of a “normal” baby, and the reassurance that Down syndrome was only a part of a nightmare. But it wasn’t a dream. Nichole’s almond shaped eyes looked straight at me.  Then one day, I felt as if she was looking not just at me, but into me. The power of ...[Read more]