iamviable campaign #220

iamviable campaign

My daughter Ryan was born with her right hand affected by Symbrachydactyy- resulting in her have no fingers and just a small thumb on that hand. In effort to raise awareness and inspired by my daughter and others like her with limb differences I founded the Lucky Fin Project. www.luckyfinproject.org The Lucky Fin Project is a nonprofit organization that exists to raise awareness and celebrate children and individuals with born with symbrachydactyly or other limb difference. 

A child being born with a limb difference is not tragic. I believe it is extremely important to show our children how capable & wonderfully made they are. If we treat them as flawed or limited that is who they will believe themselves to be- and that would be a tragedy.

If you’ve seen the movie Finding Nemo, then you know all about Nemo’s “lucky fin” and how being made a little differently didn’t stop him from accomplishing anything his set out to do. Lucky Fins Rock!


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  1. Keep running Ryan!

  2. When we celebrate one another’s uniqueness we give each other courage to climb mountains and wings to fly!

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