iamviable campaign #227

iamviable campaign

I have started a non-profit foundation for kids who live with limb-loss that desire to compete in organized, mainstream sports.  NubAbility Athletics Foundation gets them off the bench, out of the stands and into the game.  We encourage, inspire and instruct by using our super cool website, Facebook page, All Sport Summer Camp and clinics.  We love to give presentations about the awesomeness of kids like me. You can find us at www.nubability.org  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  HE said so!


iamviable editor’s note –  a quote from Sam’s mom’s blog-

Dr. Scheker couldn’t help us give Sam a grasp, but he helped us so much more.  He had the words of wisdom that had went unspoken in all of the previous doctor visits.  He told us Sam would amaze us.  When my husband asked, “But how will I teach him how to….?” Dr. Scheker replied, “He will teach you!”

Keep teaching Sam!  We are not surprised, but we are amazed! – iamviable


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