iamviable campaign #254

iamviable campaign

My mother was told during her pregnancy that I would never have a “good quality of life”, but my parents refused to believe I was not viable. Born with VACTERL Association and Poland Sequence, not much was known about my disorders; my parents were told all I wouldn’t be able to do. Today I can walk but I am amazing at running, I have found my voice, and I am very creative. You may see my physical disabilities or recognize that I also have autism, but spend some time with me and you will simply see that I AM Mike. People may try to set limits and tell me what I can’t do, that’s alright… I don’t mind. It just gives me another goal to accomplish. While people are trying to set limits on what I can do with my disabilities, I’ll be over here swinging my golf clubs and breaking past those limits with my abilities!

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