iamviable campaign #262

iamviable campaign

Obastacles and adversity are common to us all. But like many (myself included if I hadn’t lived it!) you won’t belive that I’ve survived 11 bouts with cancer. Eleven separate victories so far (am in middle of #11). A near-death crash, hit by a drunk driver, a separate spontaneous brain bleed that left me speechless and nearly immobile.

I’ve been ravaged by the painful side effects of DES, an experimental drug used when my mom was pregnant with me, inteded to save life. I was born 8 weeks premature in the days where there was no NICU.

My body is held together with nuts, bolts, screws, plates; my arms are held up with 25# monofiliment fishing line.

But I have chosen to hit life head on, with head held high, bringing hope, a message of God’s strength and a tale of how faith, family, friends, flexibility, forgiveness, fellowship, FUN, more FUN and chocoate (oh I mean FUDGE) can turn obstacles into opportunities and adversity into adventures.

I have travelled around the world, I speak on issues of disability awareness, how disability affects families,  accessibility,  and issues relating to prevention and awareness about  the ravages and pain of cancer. AND I’ve written a book called “Loose Screws and Skinned Knees“.

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