iamviable campaign #264

iamviable campaign

My right hand & forearm were amputated eight years ago due to a nerve
injury & a disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome II. I lost my
business, my house, & my possessions. I was right handed…..
I founded a national nonprofit for those living with an upper extremity
limb difference. I advocated on the local, state, & national levels. I spoke
at many conferences across the country. I relearned to do everything left
My amputation was a blessing in disguise. So many things wouldn’t have
happened if I hadn’t had my amputation. I wouldn’t have met my wife. I wouldn’t
have my kids. I wouldn’t have been a national consultant. I wouldn’t have been a
nationally & internationally published author. I wouldn’t being playing
soccer at an elite level. I wouldn’t be able to call all the people I met across
the country & around the world my friends. I wouldn’t have a relationship
with Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t be ME!


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  1. Eric, you are such an example that with Christ, one can overcome any challenges! Keep playing! I hope to hear you speak one day, such inspiration is to be found! Love in Christ~

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