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Naomi was born with biliary atresia. She had end stage liver disease at 6 months old. Valentines day 2008 after praying Naomi had a liver transplant. 2 months passed and she started having infantile spasms. August 2008 she was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis. After seeing very little improvement intellectually she was recently diagnosed with autsim and MR. She has drop seizues and or grandmals daily although they have decreased from every 2 to 3 hours to 2 to 4   a day. She gets ABA therapy for autsim daily and we have seen great improvement. She now can use her spoon/fork after prompting her. No words yet but she uses body language! My baby girl is a blessing and is so precious to many people. I believe with all my heart God has a purpose for her life and everyday is a blessing with her. I am so lucky and priveledged to be her mommy!!!!


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  1. What a little trooper! Awesome name:)

  2. naomis mommy says:

    my precious Baby girl Mommy loves you sweetheart. You are an amazing girl. You are such a blessing to everyone around you!!!

  3. I love you

  4. Sister Cathy you are the best mommy ever and Naomi sure is a Big Blessing May the Lord Bless All Your Family Always and you All R in my Prayers

  5. Shannon says:

    Auntie and Uncle love you Mimi-girl!

  6. Claudia says:

    Auntie loves you sweetie pie!!!!

  7. She is Beautiful! So sad all she has to go through, will remember to lift her up to our healer. My son who just turned 6 has autism. He was diagnosed at 3 and he didn’t really talk until ABA therapy now he is Non stop! I know it will help her. Take care sweetie God Bless you and your family!!

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