Being in leadership and

training volunteers

is a role that must be taken seriously.

It takes lots of time, energy,

dedication AND…

Yep, that would be me, Kara Ferris- Executive Director of iamviable- top left.





Lots of FUN!!!


…and of course hugs-

LOTS of hugs.



Being in leadership means…


                            …being blessed by serving others!


Kara  xoxo



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  1. Thank you for giving me your iamviable card today at Winco. I’m sorry I was preoccupied with my son Elliott, who has autism. I have joined your facebook page and look forward to reading all the wonderful stories. Thank you again, Leah

    • No worries, Leah! I could tell you were rather busy so I tried to be brief too, then I walked out feeling bad that I didn’t offer to help you bag your groceries or something but I think I was preoccupied with the pizza I had in my hand! Perhaps we will meet in Winco again and the three of us will do a proper introduction! So glad you’ve joined us on facebook! :)

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