Love Came Down

Cross sunset

In a seat down near the front of the auditorium with my friend Chad next to me, sitting in his wheelchair, a paraplegic due to the complications of spina bifida, I had called him the day before and asked if he would like to come to this healing conference. I know Chad well enough to invite him to a service like this, he welcomes it when people pray for his healing. The guest speaker was a man, who has traveled all around the world doing healing conferences. Another young boy sat in a wheelchair next to Chad, I overheard his parents say to someone that he had a disease, the seriousness of it ...[Read more]

joseph-look into my eyes

PC050151 Joseph Dana

A week before Christmas, I got an email from a gal who will be with us on our team as we go into Ghana in April with Joni's, Wheels for the World program. She was simply sending Christmas greetings. We began a conversation via email and she mentioned in one of her notes that her son has cerebral palsy so I told her about iamviable and also slipped it in that she may even want to share her son's story. A few days later, in came the story, which I thought would be perfect for Christmas. Over 2000 years ago, Jesus could be found in a manger, where might we find Him today? Story written by ...[Read more]

robert-behind every facade


The campers had gone home, our Joni and Friends staff had packed up our things, all traces of Family Retreat were put away until I walked into the office of the conference center the next morning.  My husband and I were staying on an extra week in the beautiful little RV park at Mission Springs in the Santa Cruz Mountains, tucked up against the hillside, surrounded by the statuesque redwoods.  I had gone in to speak to the office manager.  There on the counter was a Happy Graham that someone had anonymously left for the conference center staff.  Happy Grahams are something that is a long ...[Read more]

Listening to Sheila


Sheila nearly drowned as a small child and now, her muscles at the age of 36, have a mind of their own because of her cerebral palsy.  But that doesn't stop Sheila from interacting with others.  Her beautiful blue eyes, look intently into your own as she struggles at conversation.  Her throat tightens, even her tongue twists from spasms and yet, she has something to say, a message that she wants to get across to me as I sit next to her wheelchair at camp one afternoon, surrounded by the noise of laughing children, carnival games and parents making connections with one another.  All of my ...[Read more]

sheila- unwrapping the gift


My job at Joni and Friends Family Retreat is to coordinate the volunteers (Short Term Missionaries, STMs) and oversee many of the activities.  On the second to last day at camp in June of 2008, it was crazy hair day and a young teenager girl, Gabriella had hair that was amazing, she had put silk flowers in it and those metallic fuzzy wires, we used to call pipe cleaners.  She had them sticking out of her hair, twisted into the shape of hearts. The day was a very busy one and suddenly, about 3 p.m., I saw Gabriel, sitting on a bench, eating a bowl of ice cream. "Oh!  Gabriella, I almost ...[Read more]

Gianna Jessen Part II

You can now follow Gianna on Twitter at You can also chech out her website at Gianna has agreed to do an interview with us, so hopefully, in between camps, I'll be talking to her by phone and we'll have a story to go along with the videos! ...[Read more]

Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor


Part 1 of 2 Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor speaks at Queen's Hall, Parliament House, Victoria. Australia - on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria. ...[Read more]