Stories of Hope and New Life from Across the World

Brittany 061

I’ve recently learned about an organization called, “Partners International” which partners with many missionary minded ministries, some of which happen to work with people with disabilities. They sent me these two stories to share with our iamviable readers. For safety reasons, names have been changed and locations undisclosed. I am so excited to get our first International stories and I'm looking forward to many more! Stories of Hope and New Life By Partners International President Jon Lewis This is a tale of two citizens. Both were born with disabilities, but their life stories ...[Read more]

joseph-look into my eyes

PC050151 Joseph Dana

A week before Christmas, I got an email from a gal who will be with us on our team as we go into Ghana in April with Joni's, Wheels for the World program. She was simply sending Christmas greetings. We began a conversation via email and she mentioned in one of her notes that her son has cerebral palsy so I told her about iamviable and also slipped it in that she may even want to share her son's story. A few days later, in came the story, which I thought would be perfect for Christmas. Over 2000 years ago, Jesus could be found in a manger, where might we find Him today? Story written by ...[Read more]

When God Speaks


About 10 years ago, as a young mother of a toddler with severe mental disabilities, I was struggling with how God could love my son (and me as well).It was very evident that Justin could sin but I don’t think that He understood repentance.How would he ever understand salvation?  What was his purpose in life if he couldn’t understand God?Would he be condemned to hell if he doesn’t repent?Why did God create human beings who couldn’t serve Him or others and who made everyone else's life very difficult?There was a middle-aged man at our church who had struggled with some of those same types of ...[Read more]

justin-a much needed reminder


When our families come to Joni and Friends camp, they are given a buddy for each person with a disability.  That buddy is called a, Short Term Missionary or STM for short.  The second time Justin, his mother and sister came, we partnered Justin with an STM who had come to camp several times with his own family, his mother having childhood onset polio.  Walter now a teenager, often came to serve another family on his own as an STM. Walter is very quiet and shy with a tender heart for the Lord.  The first year that he came as an STM, we had given him a pretty easy camper but now, we felt that ...[Read more]

evan- teaching us how to love


In the past several months God has been showing me the contrast between my current circumstances and those of my friends with teens.  So many friends and family have teens who cause them such heartache and act unkind and disrespectful.  These teens cause their parents such sadness and fear.  Drugs, alcohol, sex, diseases, emotional destruction etc... They love their kids and yet, they have to stand by and watch them make life altering decisions, maybe even to death.  The dreams and expectations of these parents, for their kids, are dashed and they agonize over what is happening in front of ...[Read more]