10 Things to Do When Someone is Being Rude to Your Child with Special Needs

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...or anyone else with a disability for that matter! I've been reading a lot of those lists of 10 things lately: 10 Things to Say to Someone Who Just had a Baby with Special Needs, 10 Things to Do When Someone is Being rude, 10 things to Do with Rubber bands... Well, it was that list of 10 things to do when someone is being rude that got me to thinking. The answers were well, rude. It made me wonder about a healthier way to respond, one which could take a bad situation and bring some good into it. So, these are some of the things that came to mind: What to do when people stare: always ...[Read more]

Extravagant Love

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Returning home from another retreat for families touched by disability (my 26th to be exact), I stood in worship at our Sunday service just two days later and I was overwhelmed as we sang about our God of love. I realized in those moments that I had personally experienced more of God’s love than most people would in a life time because of the people that I have gotten to know whose lives are touched by disability. In Luke 14:12-14, Jesus taught, “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or sisters, your relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, ...[Read more]


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  Being in leadership and training volunteers is a role that must be taken seriously. It takes lots of time, energy, dedication AND...     Fun!!!     Lots of FUN!!!           ...and of course hugs- LOTS of hugs.         Being in leadership means...                                                   ...being blessed by serving others!   Kara  xoxo iamviable   ...[Read more]

through christina- a special mother is born

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“God would never send us a special child,” I mused, caressing my pregnant belly, “our marriage isn’t strong enough.” I was deliriously happy to be pregnant at 39, for three of my five pregnancies had ended in miscarriage, and my younger daughter, Isabella, was an independent four year old. Last summer, I had returned from a homeschool conference with an aching heart, longing for a translucent-skinned newborn nuzzling my neck. When my pregnancy lasted past my danger zone, I was ecstatic, and refused the triple screen blood test. “There’s nothing you can tell me that will make me end my ...[Read more]

chrissy- it could happen to you

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Editors Note - I met a friend of mine, Catherine and her daughter, Chrissy through Joni and Friends Family Retreats. Catherine is taking an online class and her classroom discussions are done via conversations online. The whole class can read and respond to anything another has said. Everyone responds to whatever topic is posted by an individual in the class. The topic of one particular discussion was Disability. Catherine shared with me where the conversation went and how she handled it. Her heart-felt response was one that truly touched me, one that needs to be shared: One of the themes ...[Read more]

Serbia- April 2011


Greg and I moved to Southern California to work with Nick Vujicic and his organization, “Life Without Limbs” during the months of January through July of 2011. So in April, I went with Nick’s operations manager, Elizabeth Gavrilovic to a Joni and Friends Family Retreat in Serbia which is the country of Nick and Elizabeth’s family heritage. Life Without Limbs wanted to build connections for future events and I agreed to go and help with training of the volunteers (Short Term Missionaries aka- STMs) and to also help wherever needed. Even though I am always excited to help lead and traing ...[Read more]

Twin Rocks Family Retreat-for such a time as this

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Cars began arriving to the cheers of the awaiting crowd of volunteers, also known as Short Term Missionaries or STMs. Each family who drove into the conference center was coming for five days of rest, refreshment and restoration. Each person who had a disability as well as young children would be given an STM, making the week a relaxing and enjoyable time for all and a week that would challenge, shape and change the lives of the STMs. Lorraine, who was new to Joni and Friends Retreats as well as the role of STM Coordinator, had spent hour upon hour matching the family members to their STMs. ...[Read more]