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Lissencephaly. Choreiform Movement Disorder. Chronic Lung Disease. Hypotonia. Seizure Disorder. Feeding and swallowing difficulties. Gtube fed. Severely Developmentally delayed. ...[Read more]

Sam Hears God

at gukk and grandmas

As Cheryl and Rob were getting ready to leave the hospital with their brand new baby boy, the social worker’s words came as quite a shock, “I’m so glad you want to take him home.” In their late 30’s, they had been extremely excited about the birth of their first child. Not even wanting to know the sex of their baby, they had kept it a surprise during their pregnancy. Cheryl and Rob had taken their Lamaze classes and the new parents had felt very prepared. But nothing could prepare them for this. “There were no folds in his brain. The doctors diagnosed Sam as having Microcephaly.” There ...[Read more]