10 Things to Do When Someone is Being Rude to Your Child with Special Needs

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...or anyone else with a disability for that matter! I've been reading a lot of those lists of 10 things lately: 10 Things to Say to Someone Who Just had a Baby with Special Needs, 10 Things to Do When Someone is Being rude, 10 things to Do with Rubber bands... Well, it was that list of 10 things to do when someone is being rude that got me to thinking. The answers were well, rude. It made me wonder about a healthier way to respond, one which could take a bad situation and bring some good into it. So, these are some of the things that came to mind: What to do when people stare: always ...[Read more]

through christina- a special mother is born

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“God would never send us a special child,” I mused, caressing my pregnant belly, “our marriage isn’t strong enough.” I was deliriously happy to be pregnant at 39, for three of my five pregnancies had ended in miscarriage, and my younger daughter, Isabella, was an independent four year old. Last summer, I had returned from a homeschool conference with an aching heart, longing for a translucent-skinned newborn nuzzling my neck. When my pregnancy lasted past my danger zone, I was ecstatic, and refused the triple screen blood test. “There’s nothing you can tell me that will make me end my ...[Read more]