abby-beautiful butterfly


abby's story Written by: Tammy (her lucky Mama) The doctor performing the routine ultra sound during my fifth pregnancy 7 years ago, was quietly studying the screen while I lay there watching his face and my husband sat eagerly waiting. Finally he said, "Do you want to know the sex?" to which we said, "Yes." He replied,"It's a girl." We smiled and made comments about how our other children would react to the news. Then, quietly, he stood up and said, "I'll be right back." As we sat there for what seemed like forever, my husband said, "He was sure studying her intently.  I ...[Read more]

imagined conversation


When Joey came to our Joni and Friends Family Retreat, people were just drawn to him.  He had this  inexplicable joy, a quick and frequent smile, a deep and understanding heart.  He came into our lives for a very short time and we feel so very blessed for ever knowing him.  Joey passed away just two months after his family attended our camp.  He was only 13.  Often, when we meet someone like that, and then, they are taken to their eternal home,  we wonder what God's purpose is and we ask Him if they shouldn't have been here with us longer, but perhaps because their time is short, the Lord uses ...[Read more]

bryce is viable

Ben, Cheryl and Bryce

As I sat in a local coffee shop with this family from Joni and Friends Family Retreats, this is the story that I was told that so moved me, I felt it must be shared. I had heard too many others like it. Each time I would hear from a family, how the doctor's had pushed them toward the option of abortion of a child we had all grown to love, I felt the familiar mixture of anger and sadness welling up from my soul. Prenatal testing may reveal the presence of Spina Bifida, but I wish it could also reveal, the presence of a life which has the potential to bring so much joy, love, laughter, ...[Read more]

joey’s smile


Written by Joey's sister Jasmine - I didn't meet my brother, Joey, till he was five years old, and I was eleven. When I first met him he had already been through numerous surgeries, been taken into the custody of the State of Texas and had been residing in a foster home for several years. Some people might say we rescued Joey, that we chose to bless him. But I believe that God chose Joey. Just as God chooses to give us salvation, to adopt us as His children, He chose to bless us with Joey and allowed my parents to adopt him. From the very start, God's hand was evident in Joey's ...[Read more]