iamviable lost it’s memory

iamviable has lost it's memory..... but the good news is: You are the key to us getting it back! I guess I should more accurately say -  iamviable.org has lost it's memory. In January we received notice from the IRS of the IRS's official acceptance of iamviable's 501c3 non-profit status. As part of getting set up for the next stage of iamviable's growth, we expanded our board to five people and decided to change our primary website from iamviable.com to iamviable.org. We are really excited to announce this change today, as the new iamviable.org website brings: A much faster ...[Read more]

ryan haack- how to survive being stared at

Sometime ago, I came across a blog by Ryan Haack entitled, “Ryan Does Stuff.”  I love Ryan’s perspective on life and knew that his writing would encourage many others. So, let me introduce to you, Ryan Haack and share his blog that first caught my attention: I’m Ryan. I’m a husband, a father, a pastor, and a writer. One thing you should know is that I was born with one full arm. A couple years ago I “broke the hell out of” the shorter one (doctor’s words), so now I have a long scar that leads to the plate and seven screws that are holding it together. When people ask about the scar I get to ...[Read more]

The Miraculous Story of Charlie Wedemeyer

When I was in high school, the coach of one of our top rival high school football teams, Los Gatos High, was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. When our marching band would head out to the field, we would go past the golf cart that Charlie began using shortly after his diagnosis and sitting by his side was his wife, Lucy. When Charilie was diagnosed with ALS, he was given one year to live but that was only a doctor's diagnosis. Our God is capable of the miraculous. Charlie continued to coach for many, many years with Lucy at his side who ...[Read more]