Peru- Loving Families Touched by Disability

As I sit and reflect on our trip to Peru, I am once again amazed at the way we saw God move among us, answering prayers, changing hearts, providing all that we could ever ask for and more. This is something that never seems to grow old, never loses the incredible impact that it has on my life each time I am able to participate in a Family Retreat. Our time began with an Architects Conference at the University in Lima. About 40 students gathered to listen to local speakers as well as those representing Joni and Friends, discussing the need for wheelchair accessibility in Peru. Three out of our ...[Read more]

through christina- a special mother is born

A beautiful reader submitted story about God's plan to use a daughter with Down Syndrome to opened the eyes of this mother's heart. Submitted by Leticia a special mother is born “God would never send us a special child,” I mused, caressing my pregnant belly, “our marriage isn’t strong enough.” I was deliriously happy to be pregnant at 39, for three of my five pregnancies had ended in miscarriage, and my younger daughter, Isabella, was an independent four year old. Last summer, I had returned from a homeschool conference with an aching heart, longing for a translucent-skinned newborn ...[Read more]

chrissy- it could happen to you

I met a friend of mine, Catherine and her daughter, Chrissy through Joni and Friends Family Retreats. Catherine is taking an online class and her classroom discussions are done via conversations online. The whole class can read and respond to anything another has said. Everyone responds to whatever topic is posted by an individual in the class. The topic of one particular discussion was Disability. Catherine shared with me where the conversation went and how she handled it. Her heart-felt response was one that truly touched me, one that needs to be shared: One of the themes in this ...[Read more]

GuiGui-gifted pianist

GuiGui Sheng playing piano with no fingers on one hand. She had not seen a piano until 3 years before this performance because of living in a small town. Obviously, incredibly gifted with musical ability and a determined heart. ...[Read more]

jonathan- a little extra

In February of 2010 on Season 9 of American Idol, it was hard to miss a young, 16 year old contestant with an incredible spark. But the moments when that spark really lit up was when Maddy Curtis spoke about her family. Maddy is from a family of 12 and has 4 brothers with Down Syndrome! “Those four boys bring out the best in every person they meet.  They see the world in colors, and we need to see the world that way," Maddy said in an interview on the show. Her mom first told her about the high abortion rate of babies with Down Syndrome just one year earlier, “I couldn't stop crying because ...[Read more]

“More Alike than Different” Down Syndrome Becoming Up Syndrome!

This video speaks for itself... ...[Read more]

She without an arm, He without a leg, Dance- Hand in Hand

I have researched the story as best as I can and this seems to be the most accurate version of this amazing pair of dancers. The below video not only inspires but will send chills down your arms and deeply move your heart. There is a story told within the dance, it is one of loss and wounding but the final outcome is beauty, strength and determination, all found within the strength of having another by one's side. Even without knowing the full details of the story, the dance speaks for itself.  Kara The girl (Ma, Li) was a beautiful promising professional ballerina when she lost her ...[Read more]