nick vujicic- life without limbs

  Join iamviable's new fan page at - Have you ever experienced meeting someone and felt as though you've come across a dear friend upon your very first introduction?  That's how it was with Nick. Touring the Taft prison with our Wheels for the World Conference in September of 2006, Nick was at the prison as well, speaking to the inmates.  We all were in the dining hall, having lunch.  Nick is hard to miss in a crowd, especially when he stands on a table. Born without arms or legs, it's a very different sight than any of us are accustomed to ...[Read more]

bryce is viable

As I sat in a local coffee shop with this family from Joni and Friends Family Retreats, this is the story that I was told that so moved me, I felt it must be shared. I had heard too many others like it. Each time I would hear from a family, how the doctor's had pushed them toward the option of abortion of a child we had all grown to love, I felt the familiar mixture of anger and sadness welling up from my soul. Prenatal testing may reveal the presence of Spina Bifida, but I wish it could also reveal, the presence of a life which has the potential to bring so much joy, love, laughter, ...[Read more]

freddie loves to worship

This last summer at camp, had by far been one of my favorites.   The Lord had begun a shift in my thinking which had began nearly eight months before.  At the Joni and Friends Retreat Forum, where staff come together to begin brain storming for the next year, someone mentioned what a mother had said at one of their camps, she said, "My daughter was born with Down Syndrome but her spirit was not." A few months later while my husband and I were attending a "Disability Summit" which trains people for disability ministries within churches, a couple were leading a group on Autism and they ...[Read more]

God’s Garden

the LORD will guide you always: he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. you will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Isaiah 58:11 God's garden Each morning at Joni and Friends Family Retreats, as I head out the door of my cabin, I grab my camera.  I can't wait to see the flowers that are blooming.  New flowers seem to appear over night!  I marvel as the morning sun hits their intense colors, brilliant and breath taking.  Every day, they grow more beautiful than the day before, I can't resist ...[Read more]

Where It All Began

In the summer of 2004, I attended my very first Joni and Friends Family Retreat. I went as a  volunteer, also known as a Short Term Missionary (STM), being a buddy to a person touched by disability at a camp which served the entire family for five days. I had written on my application that I was active and energetic. When I read the profile of my camper, whose diagnosis read like  a page from Webster's Dictionary, I was filled with nerves and excitement. I had come to this camp, thinking that being able bodied, I would be a blessing to others. But what ended up happening was that I grew to ...[Read more]