Ghana- April, 2010

Greg and I had the privilege of traveling to Ghana in April in 2010 to work on three separate projects.

The first portion of our trip was with a team from Joni and Friends, distributing wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes through the ministry of, Wheels for the World. We heard story after story of children who had not been able to attend school because of their disabilities. A wheelchair meant having the mobility to leave their homes, enter into society and quite possibly, get an education. Before leaving, each person also spent time with our Ghanaian pastors who shared with them about the hope found in Jesus Christ!

When the distribution trip ended, we then went on to, Mephiboseth Training Center, a Christian School for children with disabilities which we learned about through connections at Joni and Friends. Even though the children were on break for the 10 days while we were there, Greg and I were able to accomplish much. I helped to paint classrooms while Greg cleaned numerous viruses off of the computers!


And the last part of our trip was helping to put on the first Joni and Friends Family Retreat in Ghana! I helped to train the Ghanaian volunteers who served at the retreat and Greg and I helped run many fun activities. One of my favorite stories is that of Ebenezer (see full story here:, a little boy brought by his family who had no hands and his mother kept his arms covered in long sleeves because of the shame that disability carries in Ghana. During their time at camp, Ebenezer’s arms were uncovered and years of shame removed.


It was amazing to have so much time in Ghana to experience so many life changing events! We saw people transform before our eyes and we were incredibly blessed!

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