Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor

Part 1 of 2 Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor speaks at Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, Victoria. Australia – on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria.


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  1. WOW! I’m speechless. We live in a country now that aborts anyone with detection of any minor imperfections….so this was an Amazing Wake-up call to this battle of life and death! An encouragement for us to live bolder and brighter lives!

  2. Nancy Libby says

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! SO powerful and so true. We, indeed do learn things from the weakest, things that the most powerful can not teach.

  3. WOW, you are truly left speechless. What a powerful and bold speaker! A message that can’t stay quiet. We can’t be passive about this!!

  4. You should post up the part two of her speech!!

  5. Amazing! My parents met her a long time ago and she spoke at our church in CA. She had difficulty speaking from what my parents said, so she has come a long way. Great speech!

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