iamviable campaign #236

iamviable campaign

Sam is 4 years old and he was born with symbrachydactyly, only 5 fingers (all of them on his left hand).  We call his right hand his special hand.  We saw a great site: livingonehanded.com and loved the great videos Ryan was making.  Sam wanted to do something similar with more things kids would like seeing a kid do, so his website was born:  http://www.myspecialhand.com.

We’ll setup a way for kids to submit ideas for things you’d like to see and maybe we’ll do an occasional question & answer show where Sam can answer questions from kids as well.

Dad-  Eric 


Great rock climbing Sam!!! – iamviable

(be sure to visit Sam’s website for more videos and information….and show your support by hitting “Like” on his Facebook page) -iamviable

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