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Valentino (Tino) was diagnosed with Autism December 2009. He made very little eye contact and barely spoke. He is now in kindergarten and has a beautiful vocabulary. He is a very smart boy, who is very creative and kind. Every day he reaches a new milestone we are So proud of our Tino!!


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  1. I’ve got Autism too, Aspergers, I won’t say life has been easy, it’s been hard but I am 45 now and I can do some interesting things and I love cats and babies and history.

    • TinosMommy says

      Thanks for the response! It’s so encouraging to hear from someone on the spectrum, Valentino can have a conversation but they’re limited. For instance I try to get information about his day and the answer is always the same “School’s fun!” He is Very fascinated with sharks right now his favorite is the Great White! Take care Ali and God bless!

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