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Excerpt from Zach’s  full story on iamviable. 

“Zachary- loved for who he is

We had worship music on, we were laughing and celebrating in the delivery room! I had two ladies from church there with me when Zach was born. But he wasn’t necessarily the baby I was expecting. He was quiet and small and kind of floppy but I didn’t think anything was wrong. He spent the night in my room, and I nuzzled and loved on him.

Then, the next morning, this hideous pediatrician came in and flopped him around like he was a rag doll and said, “I think your baby has Down Syndrome. I can’t be sure, we’re going to run some tests on him.” Then she walked out of the room. They came and took blood and then I was sent home with my baby!

That night, holding my newborn on my lap, I got on the internet, reading everything I could about Down Syndrome. I was picking him over, looking for all of the things that I found, “Yep, there’s the crease on his palm, yes, the bridge of his nose is kind of depressed, he has the extra fold on his eyelids, a big space between his big toe and the next toe, yep, he has all of the symptoms.”

I just thought, ‘Ok, now I just have to wait for the blood test results,’ and I went to bed.

Zach slept through the night immediately which seemed kind of strange. Then, on the fourth day, it was as though I heard the Lord with an audible voice saying, “Yes, he does have Down Syndrome and yes, you’re going to be ok.” That’s when I knew in my spirit, that my son had Down Syndrome. It took another 6 days for the test results to come back but I had such an unusual peace about it.”  [read the rest of the story]

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