iamviable campaign #316

iamviable campaign

I can’t imagine life without Jonathan! Diagnosed by amniocentesis with Down Syndrome at 5mos into his existence, the option of abortion was put on the table. His father wanted this to happen but I had felt him moving and had seen him in an ultrasound picture. He was beautiful! My heart was broken and I wasn’t sure how severely he would be impaired developmentally but I knew I would keep my baby. I told his father that I could love him enough for both of us and that I would keep my baby (his father was already out of the picture due to his addictions).

On March 21, 1994, I had an ultrasound and then Jon’s sister and I went to the cemetery to visit my mother who had recently passed away. This was the day of her birthday and I wasn’t due until mid April. After visiting Nana, Stephanie and I went shopping for the first time and bought some baby things for her soon to be sibling. A good day so far!

On arriving home I had a message from my Doctor. My baby was dying, I could either let nature take its course or go in to have an emergency cesarean section. Of course, I chose to go to the hospital.

He came out screaming and was perfect besides his Down Syndrome. He weighed 3lbs. 14 oz; and looked like a little spider monkey, long and skinny. He had not grown since the 7th month so he wasn’t a fat baby. The doctors gave Jon only a 50% chance of survival. His sister, Stephanie was there in the hospital with me as the doctors took her brother from me. He remained in the hospital for 8 days so that he could learn how to suck, swallow and breathe at the same time, other than that he was healthy, and still is!

Jon is the joy of my life and Stephanie is his second Mom! They are a lot alike and most times glued at the hip!!! Jon is such a blessing to all of us. You can feel the love that he has for you and everyone that he meets!

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