sarah-dancing in the rain

Like any other expectant parents, in the early morning hours of that April Spring day in 1983, Kathy and Terry were eagerly waiting the birth of their first child. In a very brief moment, their lives were changed forever. Little Sarah was born with numerous life threatening health problems as well as several physical "defects" or  anomalies. When faced with so many very serious issues, the doctors gave the same prognosis that seems to be so often given to the family of a tiny newborn baby, clinging to life, "She may not survive beyond the first 24 hours." Immediately, Kathy and Terry looked ...[Read more]

Listening to Sheila

Sheila nearly drowned as a small child and now, her muscles at the age of 36, have a mind of their own because of her cerebral palsy.  But that doesn't stop Sheila from interacting with others.  Her beautiful blue eyes, look intently into your own as she struggles at conversation.  Her throat tightens, even her tongue twists from spasms and yet, she has something to say, a message that she wants to get across to me as I sit next to her wheelchair at camp one afternoon, surrounded by the noise of laughing children, carnival games and parents making connections with one another.  All of my ...[Read more]

imagined conversation

When Joey came to our Joni and Friends Family Retreat, people were just drawn to him.  He had this  inexplicable joy, a quick and frequent smile, a deep and understanding heart.  He came into our lives for a very short time and we feel so very blessed for ever knowing him.  Joey passed away just two months after his family attended our camp.  He was only 13.  Often, when we meet someone like that, and then, they are taken to their eternal home,  we wonder what God's purpose is and we ask Him if they shouldn't have been here with us longer, but perhaps because their time is short, the Lord uses ...[Read more]