hope-more than a name

As I sat, watching the "Joni and Friends" TV show which featured David and Nancy Guthrie, tears rolling down my cheeks, I was deeply touched by this couple who entered into very difficult circumstances that they did not chose but who faced them by digging deeply into their faith in knowing that God had not abandoned them in their sorrow but He had enriched their lives in and through their heartache and suffering.  I contacted Nancy about sharing their story because through sharing how she and David lost "Hope," their story can be used to show how through God's grace, they've had their hope ...[Read more]

cody-the overcomer

Seven year old, Cody McCasland has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Oprah, and Dateline, to name a few.  He has run in marathons and triathlons.  He's met people like astronauts, Olympic athletes, Paralympic athletes, professional football players, and race car drivers.    When you see this little boy being interviewed, his great big smile and contagious laughter draw you instantly to him.  The fact that he is a double amputee that walks on two carbon blades is quickly forgotten.  By all appearances, you would never know that when this little boy was born, his parents were told to say their ...[Read more]

cody mccasland

Cody McCasland visits wounded warrior Kevin McCloskey, a U.S. soldier who was permanently injured while protecting our freedom in Afghanistan. ...[Read more]

dorothy-God had another plan

Story Submitted by Dorothy "Congratulations, it's a beautiful, healthy, baby girl!"  My parents held me with pride on that November day in 1957.  Only a short 8 months later, their little girl was barely hanging onto life, her body being consumed by a virus called polio. Prayers from a devoted grandmother are why I am alive today.  I was the 23rd child to be afflicted with the virus secondary to a defective injection.  How many came after me, I don't know.  80% of the 23 died from the virus, but for my life God had another plan... The virus left me without the usage of my lower ...[Read more]

The Mosaic Cross

The Mosaic Cross Each cross is a unique creation.  There are many kinds of dishes used in the making of a mosaic cross, some plain and inexpensive while others are very fancy and valuable. The first step is to break the dishes.  They are placed into a large container and smashed.  The pieces are then carefully sorted.   Just the right ones have to be found to fit on the corners, the edges, and certain ones for the center.  Some of the pieces end up being discarded while others are chiseled and grinded  in order to make them fit into the right places.  Each piece spends a lot of time in ...[Read more]

a family’s story of turning tragedy into triumph

From Tragedy to Triumph By: Jodi When I gave birth to my first child I was barely eighteen years old, single, and wondering how I was going to make it. Erika was a beautiful baby with a lot of energy from the start. She hardly napped, had trouble sleeping at night, and got sick constantly. I worried about her health often, and became exhausted after multiple trips to the emergency room for varied illnesses ranging from pneumonia to ruptured ear drums. When she began having seizures following her routine vaccinations, I knew something was seriously wrong. The medical community had few ...[Read more]

imagined conversation

When Joey came to our Joni and Friends Family Retreat, people were just drawn to him.  He had this  inexplicable joy, a quick and frequent smile, a deep and understanding heart.  He came into our lives for a very short time and we feel so very blessed for ever knowing him.  Joey passed away just two months after his family attended our camp.  He was only 13.  Often, when we meet someone like that, and then, they are taken to their eternal home,  we wonder what God's purpose is and we ask Him if they shouldn't have been here with us longer, but perhaps because their time is short, the Lord uses ...[Read more]