Personal Physical Disability Stories

Inspiring real life stories about what God is doing in and through the lives individuals effected by Physical Disabilities .

iamviable campaign #262

Obastacles and adversity are common to us all. But like many (myself included if I hadn't lived it!) you won't belive that I've survived 11 bouts with cancer. Eleven separate victories so far (am in middle of #11). A near-death crash, hit by a drunk driver, a separate spontaneous brain bleed that left me speechless and nearly immobile. I've been ravaged by the painful side effects of DES, an experimental drug used when my mom was pregnant with me, inteded to save life. I was born 8 weeks premature in the days where there was no NICU. My body is held together with nuts, bolts, screws, ...[Read more]

iamviable campaign #254

My mother was told during her pregnancy that I would never have a "good quality of life", but my parents refused to believe I was not viable. Born with VACTERL Association and Poland Sequence, not much was known about my disorders; my parents were told all I wouldn't be able to do. Today I can walk but I am amazing at running, I have found my voice, and I am very creative. You may see my physical disabilities or recognize that I also have autism, but spend some time with me and you will simply see that I AM Mike. People may try to set limits and tell me what I can't do, that's alright... I ...[Read more]

iamviable campaign #231

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Stories of Hope and New Life from Across the World

I’ve recently learned about an organization called, “Partners International” which partners with many missionary minded ministries, some of which happen to work with people with disabilities. They sent me these two stories to share with our iamviable readers. For safety reasons, names have been changed and locations undisclosed. I am so excited to get our first International stories and I'm looking forward to many more! Stories of Hope and New Life By Partners International President Jon Lewis This is a tale of two citizens. Both were born with disabilities, but their life stories ...[Read more]

sarah-dancing in the rain

Like any other expectant parents, in the early morning hours of that April Spring day in 1983, Kathy and Terry were eagerly waiting the birth of their first child. In a very brief moment, their lives were changed forever. Little Sarah was born with numerous life threatening health problems as well as several physical "defects" or  anomalies. When faced with so many very serious issues, the doctors gave the same prognosis that seems to be so often given to the family of a tiny newborn baby, clinging to life, "She may not survive beyond the first 24 hours." Immediately, Kathy and Terry looked ...[Read more]

robert-behind every facade

The campers had gone home, our Joni and Friends staff had packed up our things, all traces of Family Retreat were put away until I walked into the office of the conference center the next morning.  My husband and I were staying on an extra week in the beautiful little RV park at Mission Springs in the Santa Cruz Mountains, tucked up against the hillside, surrounded by the statuesque redwoods.  I had gone in to speak to the office manager.  There on the counter was a Happy Graham that someone had anonymously left for the conference center staff.  Happy Grahams are something that is a long ...[Read more]

grandma’s gertie

Submitted by Heide My name is Heide and I am the proud new Grandmother of a beautiful little girl, Gertie.  She is my first Grandchild.  I love her more than words can fully express.  My Granddaughter is beautiful, smart, and happy & I am truly thankful for her presence in my life. As a result of Amniotic Banding Syndrome (ABS), Gertie was born without her left hand.  The irregularity was discovered during a routine ultrasound, when my daughter, Janine was only 14 weeks pregnant.  Janine was quickly referred to a fetal specialist, who performed a 3-D ultrasound and confirmed her ...[Read more]