Love Came Down

In a seat down near the front of the auditorium with my friend Chad next to me, sitting in his wheelchair, a paraplegic due to the complications of spina bifida, I had called him the day before and asked if he would like to come to this healing conference. I know Chad well enough to invite him to a service like this, he welcomes it when people pray for his healing. The guest speaker was a man, who has traveled all around the world doing healing conferences. Another young boy sat in a wheelchair next to Chad, I overheard his parents say to someone that he had a disease, the seriousness of it ...[Read more]

The Mosaic Cross

The Mosaic Cross Each cross is a unique creation.  There are many kinds of dishes used in the making of a mosaic cross, some plain and inexpensive while others are very fancy and valuable. The first step is to break the dishes.  They are placed into a large container and smashed.  The pieces are then carefully sorted.   Just the right ones have to be found to fit on the corners, the edges, and certain ones for the center.  Some of the pieces end up being discarded while others are chiseled and grinded  in order to make them fit into the right places.  Each piece spends a lot of time in ...[Read more]

When God Speaks

Submitted by Justin’s mother, Debbie When God Speaks About 10 years ago, as a young mother of a toddler with severe mental disabilities, I was struggling with how God could love my son (and me as well). It was very evident that Justin could sin but I don’t think that He understood repentance. How would he ever understand salvation?  What was his purpose in life if he couldn’t understand God? Would he be condemned to hell if he doesn’t repent? Why did God create human beings who couldn’t serve Him or others and who made everyone else's life very difficult? There was a middle-aged man at our ...[Read more]