iamviable campaign #219

Christian was born with a Tessier Cleft Lip and Palate which caused his eyes to cleft. He has had a surgery to close the cleft lip, and will require many more surgeries to repair the palate. He is such a happy and healthy little boy and he is so spoiled and so loved! He inspires people every day, and beams with the love of God.     iamviable update 5/19/12 - Many have written and asked for more information about Christian and his mom Lacey. They have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the above video that went viral on Godvine and has received more that 8 ...[Read more]

zachary-loved for who he is

A single mom with a three year old daughter, having to flee an abusive husband, staying with a family from her church, no money, no bank account, no education, no job, how could a baby with Down Syndrome be a blessing? One of the most influential people who the Lord brought into my life was my youth pastor, John. Born prematurely at a time when incubators where a fairly new development, he was born prematurely and given too much oxygen which caused the blood vessels in his eyes to proliferate wildly and the retinas to detach causing John as a newborn baby, to go completely blind. But the ...[Read more]

How God Uses Sam to Change an Entire Church

How God Uses Sam to Change an Entire Church (and a 12 year old girl) Story Submitted by Nancy and Anne Meador Edited by Kara Ferris Nancy- Our forever connection to Joni and Friends Family Retreats began when our daughter, Anne was 12 - almost 6 years ago. I was looking for ways for us to serve as a mom/daughter team and I have long wanted my daughter to feel comfortable around others whose lives are touched with disabilities. I also wanted her to grow up not thinking that she was the center of the universe. So, we volunteered for our local Joni and Friends Chapter in Oregon at the ...[Read more]

Sam Hears God

As Cheryl and Rob were getting ready to leave the hospital with their brand new baby boy, the social worker’s words came as quite a shock, “I’m so glad you want to take him home.” In their late 30’s, they had been extremely excited about the birth of their first child. Not even wanting to know the sex of their baby, they had kept it a surprise during their pregnancy. Cheryl and Rob had taken their Lamaze classes and the new parents had felt very prepared. But nothing could prepare them for this. “There were no folds in his brain. The doctors diagnosed Sam as having Microcephaly.” There ...[Read more]