elizabeth- in His presence

One day, my assistant, Judy Arnold and I had a wheelchair pick up to make for Joni's ministry, Wheels for the World.  A woman had called me wanting to donate a brand new wheelchair that hadn't worked out for her.  We drove up in front of a tiny, humble home.  Our knock was met with a cheerful, "Come on in!" And so began our relationship with Elizabeth Carver-Leedy, a 34 year old woman, diagnosed 6 years before  with a brain tumor. Elizabeth grew up in a Christian home.  Her father a pastor, she was always very involved in church activities while at the same time, had a great need to feel ...[Read more]

nick vujicic- life without limbs

  Join iamviable's new fan page at - http://www.facebook.com/iamviable) Have you ever experienced meeting someone and felt as though you've come across a dear friend upon your very first introduction?  That's how it was with Nick. Touring the Taft prison with our Wheels for the World Conference in September of 2006, Nick was at the prison as well, speaking to the inmates.  We all were in the dining hall, having lunch.  Nick is hard to miss in a crowd, especially when he stands on a table. Born without arms or legs, it's a very different sight than any of us are accustomed to ...[Read more]

joey’s smile

Written by Joey's sister Jasmine - I didn't meet my brother, Joey, till he was five years old, and I was eleven. When I first met him he had already been through numerous surgeries, been taken into the custody of the State of Texas and had been residing in a foster home for several years. Some people might say we rescued Joey, that we chose to bless him. But I believe that God chose Joey. Just as God chooses to give us salvation, to adopt us as His children, He chose to bless us with Joey and allowed my parents to adopt him. From the very start, God's hand was evident in Joey's ...[Read more]